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Hilltop Restaurant is open 24 hours a day, year round. Our menucard spans a wide variety of dishes, but despite the extent our courses are always prepared from fresh ingredients of the highest quality. This also means that we use imported materials whenever neccesary, this ranges from champignons, advocados and tomatoes. All of our bread and cakes is homebaked and comes from our very own bakery. Most of our cold cuts and sausages for our open sandwiches comes from our very own butcher. Our smoke oven supplies freshly smoked fish and other smoked dishes (bacon, ham, spareribs). Our pasta for our pastadishes is produced in our own kitchen. Even icecream and cream puffs is homemade. 1st class imported argentinian black angus is used for steaks and other beef dishes. Lamb and veal is imported from Australien.
We’d love to arrange your private party to your desires. Contact us, we have great connections - and are able to cater everything thats needed at a super party.

Each saturday we have the big danish lunch buffet with many homemade delicatesses from 13.00 to 16.00 pm.
danish pastry, wienerbread, cinnamonbuns, copenhagen poppy seed buns, spandauer and chocolatebuns and alot more. Everything homemade from our own bakery.

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Call us on 076 296 786 when You are down in Patong, wishing to move up in the fresh air indulging in good food and the spectacular wiev of  Patong and the sea.

We will pick You up, as part of our service.

The staff at Hilltop Restaurant whishes you welcome.

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